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Camscapade Magazine Premiere Cover model Rosie Blake

Rosie Blake!

 Hey! It’s Rosie Blake, the curvy, tatted, porcelain looking chick that you gotta spend a night with! I am curious to find out and fulfill your deepest darkest fantasies. Help me to explore my sexuality.
It’s an honor. I’m so excited to see such amazing people taking interest in me! And I can’t wait to share some inside stuff with you guys.

What Turns Me On

I love the kind of man that seems shy in the beginning, but turns out to be a good story teller with a great imagination..the kind of man who will explore my body with words and soft touches 🙂

There’s a ton of love and support that comes from your followers, and that feels amazing. At times it can be a lot of pressure, but the feeling of success when you see your goals becoming reality is very exhilarating.
Chat with her here:
 Twitter @RosieBlakeorg
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