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Dr Cam MD is an online service for Adult industry Workers. Dr Cam MD should not be considered to be your primary care physician. If you have an emergency please see a medical professional immediately. This page is provided so that Adult  Industry Professionals may ask question pertaining to health and receive an answer to that question.

Dr Cam MD Staff.

  1. Board Certified Pediatrician MD
  2. Board Certified General Practitioner MD
  3. Board Certified ER Nurse Practitioner
  4. Board Certified Paramedic (Retired)


  • Email – you can email your health questions to
  • Post – you can post your health questions to this page in the Reply Box below.
  • Live Chat – Once per week DrCamMD will answer questions in the live chat window on this page.

Answers to the health question.

After the the health question is submitted, the answer to that question will be posted within the body of this page. The Health question submitter’s question will be posted anonymously with the identifier of (Question #) along with the answer.

Be Safe Happy and Healthy