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Performer Bonuses Updated July 9, 2017




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Here are the bonuses Currently offers to performers  broadcasting on the site.

Hourly Token Bonus

Performers will receive 20 tokens per FREE CHAT hour Bonus from, according to the percentage they earn on the site, for a maximum of  5 hours per day.

The 5 hour maximum per day (300 min) is accumulative over a 24 hour period of time 12am Est – 11:59pm Est.

  • Once the Performer has reached the daily maximum of 300 min in Free Chat on the counter will stop for that performer and begin again the next day.
  • The next Day = 12am Est – 11:59pm Est.
  • The Maximum amount of bonus tokens per day (24 hour period) is 100 Tokens (300 min)
  • The Maximum amount of bonus token per week (120 hour period) is 500 Tokens (1,500 min)
  • The Maximum amount of bonus tokens per month (480 hour period)  is 2,000 Token (6,000 min)
  • 60 min = 1 hour,  300 min = 5 Hours
  • 100 Tokens = $11.00
  • Performers can keep track of their Free chat time in minutes on their  ” My Account Page” once the performer logs into their account.
  • On The Performer’s ” My Account Page” The Free chat minuets reset on the last day of the month, not daily it is accumulative over the entire month.

Accumulated Free Chat Hourly Bonus tokens will be added to the performer’s account on the last day of the month to be available for payout  preceding the last day of the month. The Bonus Tokens  are paid on the 7th of each month for the preceding month.

Max Minutes Bonus.

The Max Minute Bonus: Once eligible the performer will receive 100 bonus tokens for every 500 minuets spent in Free Chat on


  • A Performer Must obtain a total of 1500 accumulative minuets (25 Hours) in free chat broadcasting at within the current month of eligibility.
  • The Performer must earn a minimum of 1000 tokens within the current month  eligibility period.

Token bonus Chart:

1500(minimum) + 1000 earned Tokens = Qualify for ” Max Minuets bonus”

Performer must have minimum 1000 tokens earned to qualify for ” Max Minuet Bonus”


1500 min+ 1000 tokens earned + 500 min = 100 token Bonus

Max Minute Bonus continues for every 500 min until maximum monthly of (6,000 min) is reached.

The performer can qualify for ” Max Minute Bonus at any time after 1500 minuets is reached and 1000 tokens are earned.

The 100 token Bonus will be applied to the Performers account for every 500 min spent in Free chat at after minimum eligibility is met  of 1500 Minutes and 1000 tokens earned.


Hourly Contest Bonus:

Bonus Starts: June 2, 2017 5 pm eastern standard time USA

Bonus Length: 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Bonus Ends: Never

Bonus Eligibility:

  • Contestant must have earned a minimum of 75 tokens as a performer  in Tips in free chat during the 60 minutes that compose the hour at
  • Contestant must be a minimum of 18 year of age or over
  • Contestant must be a registered Performer of 
  • Contestant must be a subscriber of 
  • Contestant must have read and acknowledged the terms and conditions of
  • Contestant must have earned a minimum of 75 tokens as a performer at

Rules of Bonus

  1. The contest is based on a point system tabulated by the platform
  2. Each model  is awarded points based on the number of registered members in their chat room per minuet.
  3. At the end of the hour go to the “Hourly Contest Page” at and see if you won!
  4. Pretty simple right?


  • 100 tokens awarded to contest winner  every hour. The amount of tokens will be added to the performers account according to the percentage they earn on the site.
  • EXAMPLE: If the earn percentage of a perfomer is 50%, when that performer wins The cam of the Hour Bonus, the system adds automatically 50 Tokens to the performer´s account.